Sunday, 31 July 2016


Welcome to my Seed Coach blog where I share lots of inspiring news, ideas and freebies for you to grow your goals and dreams into reality. 

Wherever you are in your life now and what ever you wish to create for yourself, there is a way for you to live the best possible life for you whilst fulfilling your potential. You begin by planting the seed, watering it with positive thoughts and meditations and watch as it grows into something tangible and real in your life.

Everything has to start somewhere however big, so begin now even if it's just visualising your intentions. Energy follows intention, so the more attention you give to your dreams the more they blossom. Imagine your life like a garden and you are growing different parts of it; whether it's your career, your relationship, self-development or spirituality, your home or your family; each part is vital for the harmony of the whole. What do you wish to plant? Take your time. Be patient as the shoots develop and one day you will celebrate your harvest.

Good luck and happy dreaming!